Edible Oils – Olive Oil

Barry and Ben delve into the production of olive oil – an ingredient that enriches so many great dishes. They learn how olives are grown and the challenges olive farmers face today. They also visit London’s Borough market to enjoy a special olive oil tasting. Will that be enough to make them experts at creating delicious olive oil dishes?


Behind the scenes

The Sorted team met Kostas Tsigkounis, an olive farmer in Greece, to learn about how he grows his local Athenian olive variety and the challenges he faces due to climate change. They also talked to Marianna Vrettou-Schultes, Marketing Manager at BASF Agricultural Solutions in Greece, to find out about how the agricultural industry is working together with farmers to increase sustainability in their production. In London, Marianna Kolokotroni, founder of Oliveology at Borough market, took them into the world of olive oil and the Greek diet, which is considered one of the healthiest in the world. Back in the kitchen, Barry and Ben had to work their own magic to cook the best olive oil dish.


Marianna Vrettou-Schultes

Marianna was born and raised in Athens, Greece. After studying chemistry in the UK, USA and Germany, she joined BASF in Ludwigshafen, Germany. Passionate about developing sustainable crop protection innovations and guiding a new generation, Marianna has focused over the years on research and development, strategic business planning and marketing. She currently lives in Athens and is part of the BASF Agricultual Solutions team in Greece, where she works as Marketing Manager.


Kostas Tsigkounis

Kostas was born and raised in Lakonia, the second biggest region for olive production in Greece, well known for its premium olive oil. Kostas is a third-generation olive farmer and member of the Molon Lave growers team. From his father and grandfather, he learned at a very young age the secrets of the olive tree and to love and honor his land. Growing up he dreamed about producing exceptional olive oil and continuing his family legacy. Kostas is passionate about modern farming systems – using crop protection sustainably, while protecting biodiversity and natural resources. With his sustainable olive farm, he is part of BASF’s Farm Network, a European partnership network for sustainable agriculture.


Marianna Kolokotroni

In 2009, Marianna founded Oliveology at Borough Market in London, as a means of sharing the culinary treasures and gastronomic traditions of her home country Greece with London and the wider UK. With an emphasis on quality and sustainability, Marianna works exclusively with independent artisan producers to source exceptional olive oil and unpasteurised olives, organic vinegars and molasses, raw honey, wild herbs, artisanal cheeses, dried fruits and nuts.

Everything you wanted to know about olives

Sorted’s olive oil dishes:

Ben's Recipe.jpg

Mezze Platter – Olive Oil Bread, Dolma & Taramasalata

A simple yet inviting meze platter to enjoy in the warm Aegean sunshine! The star of the show is Ledenia bread, ideal to dunk into the homemade taramasalata which is made with olive oil to emulsify the cod’s roe into a pale and creamy dip. Served alongside is carefully wrapped and cooked dolma (herby rice rolled into vines leaves and slowly cooked in an olive oil broth). A true celebration of Greek olives, the regions they grow in and the edible oils pressed from them.
Barry's Recipe.jpg

Olive Oil Ice Cream Sundae

Olive oil is the star of the show in an incredible ice cream sundae that’s anything but conventional. A deliciously dark and indulgent chocolate ice cream, made extra smooth and creamy with olive oil, is paired with sweet, fluffy focaccia and honey-roasted feta. It’s all served up with a jam, but not as you know it - Kalamata olives bring this smoky sauce to life.