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I​n this episode, Ben and Mike visit Germany to learn all about the tradition of wine production in Rhineland-Palatinate. Along the way, they discover how technology is helping growers face the challenges of climate change and advance their craft. But how will they apply what they learn to the dishes they create in the studio?​

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Behind the scenes

The Sorted team first visited Hammel & Cie, a family-owned wine estate that has been operating since 1723. There, they met Christoph Hammel, eighth-generation vintner, and spoke to him about how consumer demands and new technologies have been changing their daily work, and what effect climat change has on wine production. Next, they spoke with Bernhard "Bruno" Wolff, Head of the BASF Wine Cellar, who shared with them more about the history & tradition of wine production in Germany. Back in the kitchen, Mike and Ben use wine from Hammel winery along with other grape-based products to cook the best dish to highlight wine production.​


Christoph Hammel

Christoph is a wine grower in the 8th generation. The family-owned wine estate Hammel & Cie has been producing wine since 1723. After attending the Federal College for Viticulture in Klosterneuburg, Vienna, Christoph practiced his trade in South Africa before returning to the family vineyard in Kirchheim, Rhineland-Palatinate. He spends his time between daily work in the vineyard and cellar, and marketing the wine estate across different platforms and events worldwide. As cellar master, Christoph oversees the creation of new wines, focused strictly on high-quality products without ever losing the balance between innovation and tradition, and the driving philosophy behind Hammel & Cie: It has to taste good!​

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Bernhard Wolff – Head of BASF Wine Cellar, Germany ​

After graduating as one of the best students of Economics at the University of Karlsruhe in Germany, Bernhard alias ‘Bruno’ joined the renowned winery Bürklin-Wolf as a salesman in 1989. From 1992 to 1999, he was the sales manager of the historical winery Reichsrat von Buhl until he started his career at the BASF Wine Cellar. After two years in the purchase department, he first was Head of National Sales and in 2004 became Head of International Sales as well. Since 2014, Bernhard is the Head of BASF Wine Cellar, employing his over 30 years of knowledge and experience in the wine industry to share all the BASF Wine Cellar has to offer with the world. He is passionate about keeping the historied wine production in Germany alive, and of course, pairing good wine with good food.

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