Quantities of pesticides applied on farms have reduced

by over 95% since 1960!


In our efforts to make things even better, we sometimes forget to look back and recognise what’s been achieved in the past.

Pesticides use and design are subject to continuous improvements. For example, in these days pesticide application rates have been reduced by over 95%[1] in the last 60 years.

As a result, these days farmers measure pesticide doses in grams, whereas previous generations used kilograms. Innovation has also improved pesticide performance and safety levels, with average toxicities being reduced by 88%[2] in the EU since the 1960s.

Before a pesticide active ingredient can be approved for use in the EU, over 100 official scientific studies are required to demonstrate its performance and safety to people and to the environment.

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[1] Phillips McDougall, 2018
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