Did You Know Christmas festivities depend on international trade?

DKY_Christmas depends on trade

As many enjoy festive celebrations at this time of year, it is interesting to reflect on the origins of festive spices, and that our enjoyment of them ultimately depends on international trade. Some examples below:


Ginger originated in southeast Asia. Today, it is primarily produced in India, Nigeria and China.

Cloves originated from the Indonesia’s Maluku Islands. Today, it is primarily grown in Indonesia, Madagascar and Tanzania.

Nutmeg, like cloves, originated from Indonesia’s Maluku Islands. Today, it is mostly grown in India.

Cinnamon originally came from Sri Lanka and southern India, where it is still grown. Today, it is primarily grown in Sri Lanka, Indonesia China, Vietnam.

Star Anise is native to northeast Vietnam and southern China.  primarily grown in China, North Vietnam, South India and Indochina.

Cardamom is native to the Indian sub-continent. Today is primarily gown in Guatemala, India, Indonesia and Sri Lanka.

The BASF Agricultural Solutions team in Brussels wishes you a merry Christmas and happy end year holidays 🎄