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Did you know?


In our "Did You Know" series we share interesting facts about plant science and agriculture.

Did you know Nitrous Oxide gas is 265 times more greenhouse warming than CO2?

Nitrogen is essential for all living organisms. Its availability is one of the key factors determining agricultural productivity. Although nitrogen is present in large quantities in the air, it is not sufficiently available to crops. Farmers use fertilizers to make nitrogen available for their crops. However, nitrogen use efficiency is low as only about half the nitrogen applied through fertilizers is absorbed by crops. The rest remains in soil, leaches into ground and surface waters or is lost to the atmosphere as ammonia and/or nitrous oxide gas.

Did You Know Apples Have Twice As Many Genes As Humans?

The Apple Genome Project and other studies allowed an international group of scientists to successfully sequence the apple genome and use the information to compare hundreds of different apple varieties. They discovered that apples have a genome twice as large as humans (approximately 57,000 genes) and that today’s apples all originated in the mountains of Kazakhstan, where wild apples still flourish.

Did You Know That Chihuahuas Have Something In Common With Cabbages?

Today’s pet dogs were domesticated over thousands of years from wolves, thanks to selective breeding and domestication by man. The same selective approach was used to breed many of the vegetable varieties we eat today from naturally occurring wild species. For example did you know that cauliflower, cabbage, broccoli, kale and Brussels sprouts all originated from the same wild plant?

Plants Are Also Infected By Viruses

The Corona Virus is having a serious impact on all our lives. But viruses are not only a serious threat for humans, they can also infect plants. Insects, such as aphids which feed on plants can transmit viruses from one plant to another including many important crops that farmers grow for us to eat.

Quantities Of Pesticides Applied On Farms Have Reduced By Over 95% Since 1960!

In our efforts to make things even better, we sometimes forget to look back and recognise what’s been achieved in the past.

Sexual Confusion Can Help Make Wine?

Mating disruption or in French ‘la confusion sexuelle’ is one such approach.

Did You Know That MRLs Are Commercial Standards, Not Safety Standards?

Pesticides which are used by farmers to control pests and diseases can leave detectable traces of residues on crops when harvested.

Agricultural Sustainability Can Be Measured - But It’s Not Easy!

Have you ever wondered how measuring agricultural sustainability works in practice, or how the EU's Farm to Fork sustainability objectives can be achieved? Management guru Peter Drucker is known for his statement: “You can't manage what you can't measure”. In other words, without measurement, it is not possible to know whether you succeeded or not.