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Economist Sustainability Week: Countdown To COP27


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Missed the panel?

2nd annual Sustainability Week: Countdown to COP27 - virtual and live from London

Join this year's Economist Sustainability Week: Countdown to COP27 and watch the panel discussion on how to feed people—without devouring the planet. Agriculture is the world’s largest industry. It employs over a billion people, generates $1.3 trillion of food annually, uses half of all habitable land and provides a home for countless species. Farming can be sustainably managed to preserve critical habitats and improve soil quality, even as the population grows and demand for food rises. Farming’s role in economies and ecosystems makes it among the most important frontiers for conservation. How can agriculture be managed sustainably to increase yield while reducing its climate impact? How can biodiversity be increased in high-yield crop farming? What techniques can be used to benefit nature? How can farms be made resilient to increasingly unpredictable and ferocious weather?

We highly recommend the panel discussion on October 5, 2:30 pm CEST, with Dirk Voeste, Senior Vice President Regulatory, Sustainability and Public Affairs at BASF Agricultural Solutions, who discusses "Reducing the environmental impacts of farming" with other high-profile speakers.