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This year, more than 200 seed companies and national seed associations have signed a Seed Sector Declaration, committing to the United Nation’s Sustainable Development Goals (SDGs) and demonstrating their diverse contributions towards sustainable food systems.

The ISF Virtual Congress 2021 is a unique platform for reflecting together on the role of seed in building resilient local and regional food systems and promoting sustainable agriculture. The event brings together industry leaders and external partners in a dynamic setup of international panels, keynote speeches, showcase of innovations, and live interactions – open to all via an online platform.

Ein Landwirt kontrolliert das Saatgut vor der Aussaat. Der ca. 480 ha große BASF Gutsbetrieb Rehhütte wird als realer landwirtschaftlicher Betrieb bewirtschaftet. Die dabei gewonnenen Erfahrungen werden in vielfältiger Weise genutzt, um Landwirten nachhaltige Lösungen anbieten zu können.

A farmer inspects seeds before planting. Covering around 480 hectares, Rehhütte Farm is a real agricultural operation. The experience gained there is used in various ways to help BASF offer sustainable solutions to farmers.