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Panel Discussion

Dirk Voeste discussed "Developing Future Farming". Don't miss out this panel discussion!

Blogpost by Dirk Voeste

Read Dirk's blogpost and learn more about why strong partnerships and collaboration are needed to feed the world sustainably.

Agenda & Speakers

As COP26 approaches can governments, corporations and private businesses change how society works in order to meet the Paris agreement targets on time?

The Economist Sustainability Week 2021 - live, on stage and online

Join the Economist Sustainability Week to see how to make sustainable agriculture a reality. What practices are needed to preserve the richness of the way our food tastes? How can we develop collaborative approaches to ensure the adequate and reliable management of water for agricultural production? How can we make our food systems sustainable, whilst adapting to climate change and substantially contributing to climate change mitigation?

We highly recommend the panel discussion on October 7, 1:35 pm CEST, with Dirk Voeste, Senior Vice President Regulatory, Sustainability and Public Affairs at BASF Agricultural Solutions, who discusses "Developing Future Farming" with Didier Toubia, Co-founder and Chief Executive at Aleph Farms, and Dan Blaustein-Rejto, Director, Food and Agriculture at The Breakthrough Institute.

Watch the recorded panel discussion here!