Revysol® In Corn

In all regions around the world, corn belongs to the most important crops. It is primarily used for food, animal feed and biofuels. In 2018, farmers grew corn on more than 190 million hectares worldwide, producing over 1 billion tons.

Corn farmers are facing many different challenges. Adverse weather, volatile commodity prices, weeds, insects, disease, improper nutrient management and many other factors can threaten a farmer’s operations. But these challenges can also create opportunities to grow corn more efficiently.

Outstanding performance of Revysol®solutions against key diseases in corn

Revysol® performance
Untreated control

In the US, VeltymaTM fungicide – featuring Revysol® – provides faster curative and secure residual performance across a broader application window to provide better disease control, proven plant health, and the strongest yield response in corn. It shows outstanding performance against corn’s major fungal perils such as gray leaf spot, Northern corn leaf blight, Southern corn leaf blight, Phaeosphaeria leaf spot and rusts.

Veltyma Benefits At A Glance

  • Swift Action: Fast curative activity and leaf penetration
  • Simple Solution: Earlier and more flexible application window and multi crop performance
  • Secure Protection: Residual protection for broader, stronger and longer disease control

Revysol® sets a new standard for residual control in corn

As if superior disease control wasn’t enough for VeltymaTM to be the product of choice for any corn farmer, VeltymaTM raises the bar by providing an unrivaled benefit to protect the crop longer than any other product on the US-market.

Thanks to the reliable, long-lasting performance of VeltymaTM in all weather conditions, crops and investments are secured at application and way beyond, safeguarding the harvest against late disease pressure and avoiding follow-up sprays.

corn yield record

David Hula Breaks World Corn Yield Record


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