Initium® – The Innovative Fungicide Solution For Specialty Crops

Initium® is a highly selective fungicide that provides reliable disease control and supports farmers world-wide, covering a broad spectrum of crops and segments.


With Initium® specialty crop farmers can expect greater flexibility when dealing with a range of plant diseases such as downy mildews and late blights in grapes, potatoes and various fruit and vegetables.

Through coordinated setting of maximum residue limits and import tolerances, Initium® will particularly appeal to growers who produce for export markets.

Key benefits for farmers

  • New chemical class and an ideal tool in resistance management
  • Unique mode of action (QoSI) gives more flexibility to growers
  • Reliable and highly active against Oomycetes diseases
  • Excellent selectivity against a range of downy mildews and late blights
  • Very favorable regulatory profile and premium preventive action
  • World-wide registrations and import tolerances
Potatoes on a field

Mode of action

BASF researchers have confirmed the discovery of a unique mode of action for Initium® fungicide. The findings have shown that Initium inhibits fungal activity by binding to the stigmatellin subsite in the respiratory complex III of the fungus. This means that Initium® is the first and currently only fungicide in this classification and therefore not cross-resistant with other commercial fungicides, which makes Initium® an ideal tool for managing fungal resistance in specialty crops. The classification has been shared with and accepted by
the Fungicide Resistance Action Committee (FRAC).

Field activity of fungicides containing Initium®


  Disease (English)

Disease (Latin)




Downy mildew

Plasmopara viticola


  • Tomatoes, eggplant & other solanaceae cucurbits
  • Leafy vegetables (lettuce)
  • Bulb vegetables (onions, shallots, garlic)
  • Other vegetables

Late blight & downy mildews

Phytophthora spp., Peronospora spp., Pseudoperonospora spp., Bremia spp.



Late blight

Phytophthora infestans



Downy mildew

Pseudoperonospora humuli



Late blight

Phytophthora spp.