F 500® – broad disease control and improved plant health

BASF has traditionally led the way in the search for new active ingredients to combat fungal diseases in cultivated plants. Over the years, our products have consistently set new standards.

The active ingredient F 500® offers speed and long-lasting effectiveness in controlling a broad range of key fungal diseases in sensitive populations in over 60 crops. These features mean that farmers have maximum flexibility and reliability in controlling diseases and improving the crops’ overall health. Overall benefits include potentially higher yields, better return on investment and, ultimately, enhanced farm profits.


F 500® provides both preventative and curative effects, meaning that it can protect against new infections as well as stop the spread of already infected tissues. Even at very low application rates, F 500® is extremely effective and long-lasting. This is particularly useful in crops threatened by several pathogens simultaneously, such as cereals, grapes, fruits, vegetables or turf. In addition, F 500® enables more efficient nitrogen uptake, more robust plant growth and improved stress tolerance to heat, hail, wind and drought.