Abate® Larvicides – Stop Disease-Causing Insects Before They Hatch

Abate® larvicides control malaria and other vector-borne diseases by controlling pests before they reach maturity, preventing them from breeding and spreading disease through new generations of insects.

Benefits of Abate®

  • Short circuits the cycle of insect-borne disease
  • Fast and effective control of insect larvae
  • Long-lasting residual action protects for several weeks
  • The original, high quality temephos larvicide
  • Easy to apply at low doses
  • Active ingredient listed in WHO Guideline for Drinking Water Quality as “Can be used at recommended doses”

Abate® is a potent larvicide based on the active ingredient temephos that effectively manages a broad spectrum of nuisance and disease-causing insects, such as mosquitoes, before they hatch. While long-lasting insecticidal nets and indoor residual spraying focus on the individual and the household, Abate® larvicides take vector control to the community level.


Why use Abate®?

One of the easiest and most effective ways to control mosquitoes and other insects throughout a community is to treat standing water with a larvicide, such as Abate® from BASF. In particular local situations, larviciding may greatly enhance the effectiveness of other disease control methods.


Abate® is based on the active ingredient temephos and is the original and most trusted temephos larvicide. In fact, BASF’s own research and development brought this important active ingredient to market. Official public health evaluations for temephos were all based upon studies done with Abate®.


Approved for treating drinking water

When applied to standing water where mosquitoes and other insects breed, Abate® kills the larvae before they develop into mature insects. In effect, it short-circuits the cycle that disseminates the pathogen to humans. Several vector-borne diseases, such as malaria and dengue fever, are strongly associated with the domestic storage of drinking water. Where there is significant risk of disease, larvicide treatments to prevent disease vectors from breeding in water containers is an option. Temephos, the active ingredient in Abate® has been evaluated for addition to drinking water.


Fast working. Long lasting.

Abate® can quickly control mosquito and other insect populations because it kills insect larvae before they mature. The residual activity of Abate® then continues to prevent insect populations from returning for weeks. In addition, because Abate® is based on a different chemistry to pyrethroid-based methods, it can help prevent, or at least limit, the chance of resistance compromising a long-term vector-control campaign. This benefit makes Abate® ideal for use in areas where resistance has already been noted.

Helping to eradicate Guinea worm disease

BASF is supporting The Carter Center in its fight to eradicate Guinea worm disease and since 1988, has provided more than U.S. $4 million worth of Abate® to the Guinea Worm Eradication Program. When the program began in 1986, more than 3.5 million cases of Guinea worm disease were estimated to occur annually in 20 countries in Africa and Asia. Thanks to the program, only 28 cases were reported in 2018. In 2012, BASF extended its pledge of support to include the River Blindness Program in Uganda.

Abate® is not offered for sale in all countries. Contact your local BASF team for availability in your area.
Use biocides safely. Always read the label and product information before use. Observe warning phrases and symbols.
Abate® is a registered trademark of BASF.

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