Turf Management

Professional turf management requires skilled personnel and high-performance technology. BASF supports greenskeepers, superintendents, amenity managers, agronomists and technical experts in the turfcare industry with a powerful portfolio of herbicides, fungicides, insecticides, biological solutions, colorants and turf nutrients.

Whether you are managing golf, sport, ornamental landscape, or amenity turf, our expert range of professional solutions provides the optimal level of protection and nutrients for both cool and warm-season turfgrasses and landscape beds.

Fungicides, herbicides and insecticides


BASF products improve turf quality and health by controlling weeds, diseases and insects. Products increase stress resistance for beautiful, more playable turf.

Biological controls

Golf ball on golf course

Beneficial bacteria, fungi and nematodes are used as stand-alone applications or in integrated programs to control key turf pests and diseases.

Turf nutrients


Micro-nutrients correct mineral deficiencies and increase uptake of iron even in the most challenging soils. Benefits include healthier turf growth, as well as better resilience to disease and insect damage


Turf colorants


Natural looking turf colorants improve turf appearance, extend the playing season, reduce the requirement of over-seed warm season grasses and provide instant green-up in stadia situations.



Water management


Wetting agents help to produce high quality and consistent playing surfaces by ensuring even distribution of moisture in the root zone, increasing water penetration, alleviating soil water repellency and localized dry spot.


Lake and pond management


Aquatic colorants and biological treatments control weed and algal growth, clarify water features and provide uniform, natural-looking color, resulting in improved visual appeal of water features and reduced management costs.


Spray pattern indicators


Spray pattern indicators show exactly where spray is applied, defining coverage and identifying missed and overlapped application, resulting in increased spray accuracy and coverage and reduced costs and waste.


Spray adjuvants and tank cleaners


Adjuvants make spraying more effective by promoting uniform coverage on leaf surfaces without excessive runoff. Non-corrosive tank cleaners remove residues powerfully and safely from your spray equipment after use.