Success story of slurry treated with Vizura® in fodder meadow in a dairy farm located in the province of Lugo, Spain

Partner: SAT Dorna

Location: Lugo-Galicia-Spain

Product name: Vizura® nitrification inhibitor for organic fertilizers-slurry 

Crops: Forage meadow of legumes and grasses

What challenges were you trying to solve using BASF (Vizura®) nitrogen stabilizing products? 

Fodder crops are key crops in Galicia for feeding dairy cattle on farms in northwestern Spain (Galicia). The farms have slurry produced on the farm itself that they use as fertilizers in the rotations. Farmers grow their own fodder, and having high quality slurry, when well managed, is an important source of fertilization. Advice on fertilization management is important to optimize this valuable, high quality resource.

What are the results for your crop and your business from the use of BASF’s nitrogen stabilizing products and related services? 

We contacted farmers who wanted to improve their fertilization strategy to make demo trials with Vizura® in forage crops, as well as collective meetings with clients in the area to show them the field and formal results from the management of organic fertilizers. Customers can see in the field the advantages of having more nitrogen for their crops. Sustainability and increased production are key to the future of dairy farms.


Technical explanation of Vizura®


Technical explanation of Vizura®


Explanation in the field of the results obtained from the application of slurry treated with Vizura®, which showed better establishment of the meadow and forage, versus without Vizura®.