Vizura® Nitrification Inhibitor: for Slurry and Biogas Digestate

Liquid manure and biogas digestate are valuable complex fertilizers. The available nitrogen needs to be taken up and used by plants as efficiently as possible. Therefore, it is important to prevent the loss of nutrients associated with fertilization.

Vizura® is a nitrification inhibitor that upgrades liquid manure from livestock and biogas plants to safeguard nitrogen against losses from nitrate leaching and nitrous oxide emissions. It stabilizes the ammonium nitrogen in the soil, thereby reducing nitrogen losses and making it available to the plants when they need it. This is valuable for both the farmers and the environment.

Vizura® allows earlier slurry application which ensures optimum soil conditions helping growers to simplify farm operations. Using Vizura® can lead to higher yields and reduces the need for additional mineral fertilizer application.

Benefits of Vizura® — Nitrification Inhibitor​

  • BASF active ingredient, DMPP, keeps the level of ammonium stable for a longer time
  • Makes nitrogen available when needed by the crop​
  • Enhances the reliability of liquid manure, resulting in yield increases of up to 7 percent​
  • Allows for application at earlier stages, reducing working peaks and risk of soil compaction
  • Offers potential savings from reduced mineral fertilizer application, which increases the nitrogen use efficiency

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Video: How Vizura® works

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