Vibelsol® Nitrification Inhibitor: Even the Best Fertilizer Can Be Made Better 

As a necessary part of proteins, enzymes, vitamins and organic bases, nitrogen is one of the most important plant nutrients, and is the motor of growth. When the target is maximum crop yield or high crop quality, nitrogen plays a decisive role in farming success.

With Vibelsol®, the nitrification inhibitor for mineral fertilizers, BASF introduced yet another groundbreaking product to the market that offers real added value for the mineral fertilizer industry, suppliers, and farmers while simultaneously reducing environmental impact.

Vibelsol® is a nitrification inhibitor added to fertilizers that protects nitrogen against losses due to nitrate leaching and nitrous oxide emissions. As a result, more nitrogen is available for the plants. This results in higher yields and better quality of the harvested crops.

Benefits of Vibelsol® — Nitrification Inhibitor

  • For farmers, economic benefits in the form of higher yields and better-quality labor-related advantages
  • Numerous benefits to the environment, including reduced nitrate leaching and lower greenhouse gas emissions
  • High storage stability of fertilizers treated with Vibelsol®
  • When added to mineral fertilizers, on average, reduces nitrous oxide emissions by 50%
  • Can be added to fertilizers in several different ways thanks to its special ready-to-use formulation

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Last Update December 9, 2022