Bentazon Active Herbicide: Post-Emergent Control of Broadleaf Weeds

Bentazon active herbicide provides exceptional versatility for a variety of growers. It can be used in row crops, ornamentals or turf. Bentazon offers reliable, cost-effective, post-emergent control of tough broadleaf weeds, including velvet leaf, yellow nutsedge, annual sedges and more. Available under the brand Basagran® herbicide, Bentazon works by inhibiting photosynthesis. With broad post-emergent activity, it allows growers flexibility in spray timing and is a great tank mix partner, further extending the spectrum of weeds controlled.  

Key Features and Benefits of Bentazon

A green corn field in its early stages.


  • Broad spectrum post-emergent weed control
  • More concentrated formulation



  • Flexible and effective broadleaf weed control in a variety of crops
  • Easier to handle

Mode of Action

Bentazon is a contact herbicide that inhibits weeds and grasses by interfering with the photosynthetic pathway, essentially blocking photosynthesis. This causes the leaves to turn yellow, and eventually, the weed dies. Because bentazon is absorbed by the green parts of the plant, full coverage is essential for complete weed control and crop protection.

Bentazon at-a-glance

Key Growth Areas

Tough to control broadleaf weeds in soybeans (Eastern Europe) and rice (Asia).