Successful Soybean Farmers Work Hard To Maximize Their Yields. So Do We.

Soybeans are an important source of proteins for  food, animal feed, cooking oils and for producing biodiesel. In 2013, farmers grew soybeans on 111 million hectares (ha) worldwide, producing over 276 million tonnes. The Americas are by far the largest regional producer, accounting for 85 %.

Based on our close relationship to farmers and presence in the field, we have developed a wide range of products and solutions over the crop cycle that can help soybean farmers to continue being successful. Through our Functional Crop Care business, we are also developing novel solutions to manage scarce resources such as water, nutrients and arable land more efficiently. Productivity starts with the seed. 

Together with our customers we develop tailor-made seed solutions to support seed health and yield potential. Kixor™ is the latest in a long line of modern herbicides from BASF. This advanced herbicide can be applied prior to crop planting for fast and complete burndown of over 80 different weeds, including those resistant to glyphosate. The next-generation fungicide Xemium® not only controls a broad range of fungi in soybeans but also boasts a unique mobility in the whole plant, providing immediate and long-lasting protection. Crop protection is very important, and in additional our AgCelence® concept delivers incremental value through a range of benefits that go beyond established crop protection inputs and farmers can expect higher yield.

As a trusted partner we are committed to promoting effective stewardship on and off the field, and believe that the appropriate management and use of our products helps to strengthen sustainable agriculture and safeguard the environment. To measure the sustainability of agricultural processes and optimize farm management operations we have developed AgBalance™. One of our sustainable solution examples is in India, were we have instigated the Samruddhi program to help soybean farmers enhance the sustainability of their farming practices.

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