Successful Oilseeds Farmers Work Hard To Maximize Their Yields. So Do We.

Oilseed farmers face constant pressure to produce healthier crops while protecting the environment. One of the most important oilseeds is oilseed rape. In 2013, farmers grew oilseed rape on 36 million hectares worldwide, producing over 72 million tonnes.


To achieve the full potential of their crops, oilseeds farmer demand new ideas and technologies. BASF has been working alongside farmers for more than a century. By collaborating with partners along the value chain, BASF provides a comprehensive portfolio of products and services. This helps farmers successfully manage resources and master the complexities of their business.


The Clearfield® Production System is an innovative solution we have developed with our partners: it combines broad-spectrum herbicides with high-yielding oilseed seeds developed via conventional breeding to be resistant to the herbicides. Kixor™ is the latest in a long line of modern herbicides. Used on its own or in a mixture with glyphosate, it is applied prior to crop planting for fast and complete burndown of over 80 different weeds, including those resistant to glyphosate.

As well as controlling fungal diseases, our AgCelence® products can enhance yields and protect against environmental stresses such as drought and cold. Through our new Functional Crop Care business, we offer new ways for oilseed farmers to improve yields while managing resources, by developing novel solutions for nutrient uptake and water distribution. To meet the expectations of the food value chain and also of a growing world population, we support oilseed farmers with a broad array of tools, initiatives and programs that can measure and strengthen sustainable farming practices. With AgBalance™, oilseed farmers can optimize their management operations, ensuring they get the most out of every hectare year after year.

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