Tailor-Made Solutions For Corn

Corn is an important crop primarily used for food, animal feed and biofuels. In 2013, farmers grew corn on 184 million hectares worldwide, producing just over 1 billion tonnes. Corn is widely grown around the world and is an important crop in all regions.

Corn farmers are facing many different challenges. Adverse weather, volatile commodity prices, weeds, insects, disease, improper nutrient management and many other factors can threaten a farmer’s operations. But these challenges can also create opportunities to grow corn more efficiently. BASF offers a comprehensive range of products and services to support individual farmer needs. For example, Kixor™ herbicide is one of the latest in a long line of modern herbicides developed by BASF.

Used on its own or in a mixture with other herbicides, Kixor™ can be applied prior to crop planting for fast and complete burndown or as a residual herbicide to control over 80 different weeds, including those resistant to glyphosate.

This provides improved planting efficiency and, for some farmers, the ability to continue no-till farming practices that help to conserve valuable soil and save moisture.
BASF has also introduced revolutionary corn fungicides such as the blockbuster F500, which dramatically changed the market for disease control in corn.

In addition, BASF has developed AgCelence® to help farmers expect and get more out of their land. The AgCelence® brand identifies BASF products that provide benefits above and beyond crop protection, including higher yields, improved marketable quality, increased production efficiency and increased stress tolerance.

BASF continues to invest in innovations beyond crop protection, as highlighted by the Limus® nitrogen management products. Limus® contains enzyme inhibitors that prevent the fertilizer from breaking down before it’s incorporated into the soil. This reduces nitrogen loss by up to 95%, which is good for both corn and the environment.

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