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Based on beneficial living organisms and substances derived from nature, BioSolutions by BASF are natural partners in helping you enhance crop protection management and support plants throughout their life cycle. They can help you reduce residues, manage resistance, increase stress tolerance, extend the windows of disease and pest protection, adding flexibility to harvest timings. And they do all this naturally for the benefit of your crops and your business.

Serifel® Bio Fungicide 

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Our highly concentrated biological fungicide, Serifel® is the first choice for balanced protection.
As part of BASF’s extensive BioSolutions portfolio, Serifel® is a preventative bio fungicide that helps you control disease and meet sustainability challenges.
Based on the beneficial bacterium Bacillus amyloliquefaciens strain MBI 600, Serifel® forms a strong shield of protection around plants, providing broad-spectrum disease control through multiple modes of action. It actively produces anti-fungal metabolites, physically excludes bacteria and fungal pathogens, and denies them nutrients.
It’s effective at low doses on a wide range of crops, including aubergines, grapes, lettuce, mushrooms, peppers, small berries, strawberries and tomatoes. It also has a favorable toxicological profile, which makes it safe for users, the environment and consumers.
Serifel® helps combat resistance and reduce inputs when used with conventional chemistries and in integrated crop management systems. It can also be used in organic production. It’s easy to use, highly active at high and low temperatures, has a wide application window and can be flexibly applied throughout the growing season.
What Serifel® gives you is the ability to grow healthy, high quality crops, with the lowest possible residues and a lower environmental impact. Your first choice in biological fungicides and the right balance for your business.

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Serifel® - Managing plant diseases with biological fungicides

Serifel® offers a smart solution to protect your crops against fungal diseases and to grow your success. The biological fungicide forms a shield of protection covering a broad spectrum of pathogens, with an extended window of application.

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Farmer voices on BioSolutions by BASF

We believe that BioSolutions will be natural partners in helping us to find the right balance for success. As the most highly concentrated biological fungicide, Serifel® is the first choice for balanced protection. Farmers in Mexico share their first-hand experience.

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