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To ensure crops can grow to their full potential, farmers count on products and services to help them produce crops in higher quantities but also make them tastier and more nutritious. At BASF, we are committed to provide tailor-made solutions to farmers that help them grow their crops in the best possible way - all around the world.


High-quality oilseeds, adapted to local conditions, which aid productivity and help you deliver fields of liquid gold.

Hybrid Wheat

Our scientists are developing resilient hybrids across wide range of environments. Significant yield increase and improved grain quality for enhanced profitability means farmers can produce more on the same land, thereby protecting biodiversity.

Regelmäßige Kontrolle der Pflanzen für eine hochwertige Nahrungsmittelproduktion / Regular control of the crops for high quality production

Vegetable Seeds

As the global specialist in vegetable seeds, it is BASF’s ambition to shape the future of vegetables.

Seed Treatment

BASF Seed Treatment helps growers maximize their seed investments with an advanced portfolio that pushes the boundaries of seed technologies.

Soil Management

Adequate water and nutrition is essential for increasing yields in agriculture. Good results come not just from planting and fertilizing, but by paying close attention to plants’ needs. One of those needs is balancing plant nutrition.


Agricultural Films

With the aid of agricultural plastics, growers can secure and significantly increase produced output per hectare while enhancing crop quality. The wide range of plasticulture applications includes greenhouse, mulch and silage stretch films, silage sheets, drip irrigation pipes, nettings, nonwovens and many more.