Food Value Chain Collaborations For Smarter Crop Protection

Satisfying consumers’ wishes is top priority for the food value chain, starting with the farmer and leading further via trading companies, food processors, to the end retailer. BASF, a provider of farming solutions, has been partnering with different stakeholders in this chain to meet the demands of the market.

We are all consumers. We want to enjoy fresh and tasty food. And we always expect to find everything we need in the shops at our desired quality, quantity and price. This is especially the case for fruits and vegetables, when visual appearance also plays a decisive role in the purchase choice. Farmers, traders, processors and retailers are always under pressure to fulfil these demands. Thus, via collaborative programs, the food value chain has increasingly received specialised support from BASF.

Our number one partners are farmers, BASF provides them with crop protection solutions that help to produce a plentiful supply of healthy, first-class fruits and vegetables. It is also our role to provide solutions and recommendations on how best to protect crops to achieve optimum yield and quality. This increases the marketability of the produce, supporting the grower’s business and livelihood.


Our cooperation goes further: supermarkets, food processors and other food value chain players are also part of our alliances. They aim at fulfilling the consumers’ wishes as well as meeting the demands of a wide range of quality assurance schemes, production protocols and retailer standards. Together we engage in achieving the best recommendations and solutions for growers to deliver top quality produce, satisfying all market requirements.


We invite you to learn more about how BASF is leading the way with its collaborative projects with different food value chain stakeholders in Europe.

Food value chain stakeholders in Europe:

BASF’s Smart Protection concept in Europe

Smart Protection focuses on high value fruit and vegetable crops, aiming to help growers optimise their crop production to meet the various and demanding market standards of the food value chain.


We understand the many challenges faced by farmers and growers who work hard to meet the high demands of their customers in the food retail industry. Especially in the fresh produce sector where residue minimisation and the reliable supply of high quality produce is of special importance.


In response to the needs of our customers and partners, we continue to develop our Smart Protection concept further.

BASF Smart Protection

    • Is a flexible approach to crop protection, based on BASF’s portfolio, combining conventional and biological crop protection as well as other innovative solutions.

    • Guidelines and recommendations are fully adaptable to local country and wider market requirements

    • Aims to help growers understand and manage residues to meet the strict entry requirements and standards of end markets.

    • Maintains high standards of efficacy and resistance management whilst managing residues.

    • Protects crop quality and yield, strengthening grower profitably as well as supporting the wider aims of sustainable production.

Smart Protection Tools:

  • In the demanding European food and drink market, producers and suppliers need to better understand the residue characteristics and behaviour of plant protection products.
  • Developing our knowledge and understanding of residue behaviour is at the heart of Smart Protection, helping growers to manage residues and meet the needs of their customers by optimising the use of BASF’s plant protection products.
  • In Smart Protection, BASF’s crop protection offer is made available in stand-alone products or in flexible combinations as part of an integrated crop protection approach. For example, this may include:
    • Innovative chemistry: an extensive range of products including the unique fungicides Initium® and Xemium®.
    • Biological solutions include the bio-fungicide Serifel®; the bio-insecticide Broadband (Velifer®) and the Nemasys® family of biocontrol nematodes.
    • Novel precision solutions including the RAK® pheromone products for mating disruption of fruit moth pests.