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AgCelence® for your tomatoes

AgCelence® products provide tomato growers with benefits beyond common crop protection results.

Tomato plants produce higher yields, even under adverse growing conditions (e. g. drought). The sugar content, BRIX value, is significantly improved through the AgCelence® effect.


This means higher acceptance of your field tomatoes and a bigger profit at the end of the day.

AgCelence® effects on your tomatoes: higher yield

AgCelence® yield increases are not just resulting from disease control, but also from stress management. The hormone ethylene normally triggers the natural ripening process. But when crops are under stress, this process can be triggered too early.


AgCelence® products reduce undesirable ethylene production and subsequent premature ripening. Consequently, your crops stay green longer, referring photosynthetic activity. This significantly increases the number and weight of tomatoes per plant, which means higher returns per hectare for your business.


AgCelence® effects on your tomatoes: improved marketable quality

Every tomato producer knows that harvest tonnage and sugar content (BRIX value) are the most important characteristics for success.

AgCelence® products help increasing the BRIX value compared to your normal fungicide programme. AgCelence® increases photosynthesis so that your plants have more energy and thus produce more sugar which increases the BRIX content which determines the price for the tomato-processing industry.

Trial results in 2009 indicated an increase in BRIX value of up to 13 % following AgCelence® treatments.


In addition the tomato in general looks significantly better, healthier and more shiny. These are crucial characteristics when it comes to the purchasing decisions of consumers.