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AgCelence® for your sugar cane

Sugar cane is an important source for human sugar consumption and for a very cost-efficient production of bio-ethanol.

The main driver for sugarcane production is the increasing demand for sugar worldwide. Sugarcane accounts for 80 % of the sugar production in the world, which is driven by a continuously increasing demand for sugar.


Currently the production of sugarcane is dominated by South America, in particular Brazil, which produces bio-ethanol very cost-efficiently on a large scale. In particular Brazil with an export volume of more than 16 million tonnes.

As the largest producer of sugar tons, Brazil invests a lot in sugarcane research in order to increase the efficiency and the yield of sugarcane production in South America as well in the rest of the world.


AgCelence® effects on your sugar cane: better stress tolerance & higher yield

AgCelence® products for sugarcane are available in seed treatment and foliar application, a combination that leads to maximal success for the farmer. It starts with a better rooting of the plant in the early growing phase and continues with a stronger physiology, which makes the crop more resistant against abiotic stress. As a result, growers produce higher quality, higher yield sugarcane crops that deliver greater profitability.

Consequently, BASF invests a lot in sugarcane research to increase the efficiency and the yield of sugarcane production with AgCelence® products.

Field trials were conducted in Brazil during the 2009/10 growing season with different fungicides. Our AgCelence® product led to a yield increase of 7.6 t/ha compared to untreated sugar cane.