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AgCelence® for your soybeans

Soy is a globally important crop, providing oil and protein for the nutrition and the animal feed industry.


It is a significant source of complete protein and may be one step to help global food shortage. Therefore, farmers all over the globe try to fulfil the increasing demands with the support of the outstanding performance of AgCelence® products.


You can rest assured that your investment in healthy and vigorous soybean plants will pay off.


AgCelence® effects on your soybeans: higher yield

Many soybean growers report higher yields after using AgCelence® products. In a practical test AgCelence® significantly improved different yield parameters in different soybean genotypes.


In regions with extreme weather conditions AgCelence® helps the soy plant to be more tolerant to each kind of abiotic stress.


In detail, AgCelence® improves the rooting of the soy crop which has a crucial impact on the plant performance in the early growing phase as well as the following growth stages. For instance, the plant efficiency increases significantly due to the maximum utilization of resources (e.g. nutrients and water). Consequently, the crop is less sensible to abiotic stress and can explore its full yield potential. In addition, the plant itself is greener through the improved photosynthesis. The so called greening effect can be perceived by farmers very easily and makes the AgCelence® effect visible. The combined results lead to higher seed weight of the single beans and more pods.


Finally, AgCelence® supports farmers to achieve a higher profitability and makes them more successful.

AgCelence® effects on your soybeans: increased stress tolerance and vitality

Reactive Oxygen Species (ROS) are produced in both unstressed and stressed cells, but plants respond to stress by producing greatly increased levels of ROS. One of the harmful effects of ROS is damage to DNA. Plants overcome the harmful effects of ROS by producing ROS-scavenging - enzymes such as Superoxide Dismutase (SOD). It is one of the most important defences, when coupled with the necessary downstream events for full detoxification of ROS.


In a field study AgCelence® led to increased activity of Superoxide Dismutase (SOD) in different soybean genotypes.


This meant that plants treated with AgCelence® products developed fewer stress symptoms and grew better under stressful conditions.