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AgCelence® for your corn

AgCelence® provides physiological benefits which increase stress tolerance and thereby lead to higher yield.

Corn Field

AgCelence® helps maximizing the yield potential of your crops by improving stability and stress tolerance. In this way plants can direct their energy to producing larger cobs, and you can be confident you are making the most of your investment in seed and other inputs.


AgCelence® effects on your corn: higher yield

With AgCelence® products you can achieve higher yield than with normal fungicides.

In corn, the AgCelence® effects deliver higher yield under various different agronomic conditions and systems. A significant increase in yields was observed over several years in corn that was treated with AgCelence® products – in dry and normal seasons, in a variety of soils and conditions and also when grown for different production purposes (food, silage, bio-energy). Over 2,500 trials under all conditions have been conducted throughout the world and they show average yield increases of more than 6 dt/ha.

Trials repeatedly show that AgCelence® – treated plants produce larger and better-filled cobs and that the 1000-kernel weight is higher.

To prove and explore the yield effect, BASF has conducted trials all over Europe under various conditions. This graph represents an overview of results obtained in 2008/2009. It shows the yield benefits obtained in Germany, France, Hungary, Romania, Italy and the Czech Republic. The average yield benefit was 7 dt/ha. What you see is the additional yield compared to the untreated controls.

AgCelence® effects on your corn: increased stress tolerance

Drought is a major problem in agriculture today. Under environmentally stressful conditions corn reduces the number of flowers per cob, kernels per cob and thousand kernel weight to ensure that the developing kernels can complete their life cycle. This lowers yield. Corn treated with AgCelence® is more tolerant to stress, which minimises potential losses, thereby securing a return on your investment.

Reduced impact of drought with AgCelence®

Field studies on corn to determine if AgCelence® reduce the impact of drought under field conditions were conducted in California. This location was selected because it has little natural rainfall in the summer and disease pressure is low. Irrigation during the trial was at a standard level and at 75 % of the standard.

AgCelence® effects on your corn: increased production efficiency

Nowadays the efficient use of inputs is crucial. In the US it has been shown that AgCelence® – treated corn is easier to harvest because plants are healthier, greener and stand better. This not only saves you time, it also saves you money because you need less fuel.

Reduced lodging

Lodging data were obtained from 175 on-farm trials in US corn fields. Conditions in the individual fields were categorized as moderate and severe lodging situations. In plots where lodging was moderate, less than 10 % of the untreated crop were lodged and in plots where lodging was categorized as severe, more than 10 % of the untreated plants were lodged. In both situations AgCelence® reduced lodging.