AgCelence® Crops

AgCelence® Cereals

Besides providing outstanding disease control, AgCelence products can protect your yield from tough environmental conditions throughout the growing season.


AgCelence® Corn

AgCelence® provides physiological benefits which increase stress tolerance and thereby lead to higher yield.


AgCelence® Lettuce

Lettuce is highly perishable and must be protected from factors affecting its quality, such as wilting or discolouration.

AgCelence® Oilseed Rape

BASF offers best-in-class crop protection for oilseed rape.

AgCelence® Soybeans

Soy is a globally important crop, providing oil and protein for the nutrition and the animal feed industry.

AgCelence® Sugar Cane

Sugar cane is an important source for human sugar consumption and for a very cost-efficient production of bio-ethanol.

AgCelence® Sunflowers

AgCelence® products increase significantly your sunflower yields.

AgCelence® Tomatoes

AgCelence® products provide tomato growers with benefits beyond common crop protection results.