Inscalis® Insecticide Is Precise On Pests And Soft On The Rest.

Control piercing-sucking insects while allowing beneficials to thrive with Inscalis® insecticide.


Inscalis® insecticide redefines pest management by controlling piercing-sucking insects including aphids, whiteflies, leafhoppers and psyllids with precision and flexibility. It effectively utilizes bloom time application on specialty crops, row crops and ornamentals, with a favourable environmental profile that’s softer on important beneficials. As the only member in the new mode of action IRAC subgroup 9D, Inscalis® insecticide is a resistance management tool that works quickly and effectively to control insect pests. Now, pests won’t know what hit ‘em.

Key features


Exceptional Activity

Inscalis™ insecticide delivers highly-efficacious long-lasting control of problematic insect pests such as aphids, whiteflies, leafhoppers and psyllids.


Fast Acting

When applied, it provides rapid feeding cessation of insect pests which, in turn, reduces viral and bacterial transmission.


New Resistance Management Tool

Inscalis™ insecticide offers a unique mode of action and control of labeled piercing-sucking insect pests that have developed resistance to other insecticides, providing a valuable new tool for resistance management.


Favourable Environmental Profile

Derived from a natural fermentation process, Inscalis™ insecticide exhibits a favourable environmental profile with low acute toxicity to mammals, fish, birds and important beneficial arthropods, including insect predators and pollinators, such as honeybees.

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Inscalis® insecticides



Versys insecticide is a powerful tool designed to control aphids in specific specialty crops, including brassica, cole crops, leafy vegetables, pome and stone fruits. With a unique mode of action, it provides rapid cessation of feeding, yet is gentle on bees and other beneficial insects.



Sefina insecticide is a powerful tool designed to control piercing and sucking insects in specific specialty and row crops, including citrus, fruiting vegetables, cucurbits, cotton, and soybeans. With a unique mode of action, it provides rapid cessation of feeding by aphids, whiteflies and certain psyllids, including the Asian Citrus Psyllid.



Ventigra insecticide controls piercing-sucking insects using mode of action subgroup 9D. The rapid onset of action stops insect feeding and damage, and translaminar movement delivers optimal protection against actively feeding pests in greenhouses, nurseries and landscaping sites.

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