Entigris® Insecticide: Quick Knockdown and Long Residual Insect Control 

Stink bug on leaf

Entigris® insecticide provides quick knockdown and long residual control of several economically important insect pests, including stink bugs, whiteflies, caterpillars, thrips, beetles, weevils and aphids. It provides growers of several crops including soybean, sugar cane, corn, cotton and others, with a flexible control option in their existing management plan. Entigris is quickly absorbed by the leaves and moves throughout the plant to reach pests where they feed and live.

Key Features and Benefits of Entigris

  • Controls more than 30 piercing and chewing pests
  • Combination of quick knockdown and long residual control
  • Systemic activity enables it to be quickly absorbed by the leaves, with superior uptake and translocation
  • Available for use in most cropping systems, such as soybean-cotton or soybean-corn
  • Flexible tank mix partner
  • Effective across multiple crops 
  • Broad-spectrum control provides peace of mind that your crop is protected
  • Dual actives offer reliability and high performance on target pests
  • Provides complete protection throughout the plant, even new growth, by targeting insects where they live and feed
  • Offers the convenience of a single product with multiple uses across cropping systems
  • Allows growers to flexibly mix it with other insecticides or different water volumes

Mode of Action

The two complementary modes of action of dinotefuran and alpha-cypermethrin have been carefully selected to provide Entigris insecticide with the ability to control a broad spectrum of harmful chewing and piercing-sucking insect populations that occur at the same time in a crop. Dinotefuran acts by quickly disrupting the nervous system of pests, interfering with their ability to feed. Alpha-cypermethrin works by overexciting the pest’s nervous system and quickly leads to paralysis that stops feeding.

By combining the complementary modes of action of dinotefuran and alpha-cypermethrin, Entigris provides control of pest populations that overlap or occur together in the field. 

Entigris® at-a-glance


Always read and follow label use instructions. Availability of key active ingredients, products and mixtures vary by region. Regulatory requirements vary among countries and their regulatory authorities. Check with your local BASF representative regarding the use of products in your region.