Broflanilide Active Insecticide: Broad Spectrum Control of Chewing Pests


Broflanilide insecticide provides powerful and versatile insect control of the toughest chewing pests. As a total knockdown product, it gives growers excellent chances at producing healthy crops and protecting their investment. Broflanilide insecticide can be applied to control chewing, soil-dwelling pests like caterpillars, beetles and certain thrips. Its strong broad-spectrum efficacy can be applied in foliar, in-furrow and seed treatment applications as a cornerstone of integrated insect management programs. Broflanilide is available as Cimegra® insecticide, Davantor® insecticide and Exponus® insecticide; and as Teraxxa® seed treatment and Teraxxa® F4 seed treatment.

Key Features and Benefits of Broflanilide


  • Innovative mode of action
  • Fast acting
  • Very low dose rates
  • Translaminar movement
  • Targeted protection that stays where it is applied (not systemic)
  • Broflanilide formulations for foliar uses are rainfast*
  • Can be used in seed treatment, in-furrow or via foliar applications
  • Highly compatible with herbicides, fungicides and other insecticides
  • Long-lasting residual control


  • No known cross resistance due to its novel mode of action
  • Broad-spectrum insect control, controlling more than 40 chewing pests
  • Low potential for chewing pest recovery
  • Application flexibility with a multitude of options for crop uses
  • High combability makes it an excellent tank mix partner
  • Length of control protects initial growth stages of seeds and young plants

Mode of Action

Broflanilide insecticide is among the first compounds in the market introduced under the new IRAC group 30. With its unique mode of action, Broflanilide has no known cross-resistance with existing products in the market, making it a superior insecticide resistance management tool. Broflanilide insecticide works by preventing transmissions within the nervous system, which over excites the system and incapacitates the insect. It is fast-acting and quickly works across all insect life stages, providing excellent, long-lasting control of insects like hard-to-control wireworms.

Broflanilide at-a-glance


Always read and follow label use instructions. Availability of key active ingredients, products and mixtures vary by region. Regulatory requirements vary among countries and their regulatory authorities. Check with your local BASF representative regarding the use of products in your region.