Revysol® In Pomefruits

In modern fruit production the efficient control of diseases is needed to ensure high yields and quality production to maintain a profitable business for the growers. To obtain high quality fruits which meet the highest market standards generally requires laborious and intense practices. One of the most important components in fruit production is the effective control of key pathogens.

Failures in crop production like poor application timings, incorrect product and equipment selection can lead to irreversible yield and quality losses. Therefore, it is key to choose the best products for successful fruit production.


Within BASF`s portfolio, farmers can find many innovative and flexible solutions targeting multiple issues. Soon BASF`s offer will be enriched by Revysol®.


Revysol® is a result of many years of research and scientific expertise. This advanced fungicide will help to maximize yield by offering outstanding control of key pathogens such as scab, Alternaria blotch, powdery mildew and Monilinia spp. among others.


Through multiple trials Revysol® has proven exceptional biological performance demonstrating both preventive and curative activities. Revysol® is characterized by a favorable regulatory profile and displays excellent crop safety.


Revysol® is a superior and reliable solution which optimizes fruit production.

Revysol® performance against apple scab
Untreated control