Revysol® In Cereals

Cereals are leading crops in the cultivation of arable land. In 2018, farmers grew wheat on over 213 million hectares and barley on almost 50 million hectares worldwide. The largest regional producers of wheat are Europe (47 percent) and Asia (36 percent), while Europe (80 percent) is also the single largest producer of barley.

Revysol® is highly effective against key fungal diseases in cereals. It is an innovative and sustainable solution that improves farm management and reduces weather-related risks while delivering higher and more consistent yields increasing farm income.

Septoria leaf blotch, the biggest threat to your crops

Every year, farmers face different threats from diseases in their cereal crops. The biggest threat to their yields, income and the future of their farm, however, is always Septoria leaf blotch. This disease is getting increasingly difficult to control due to developing resistance.

We at BASF know the challenges farmers face. Through dedicated research and extensive testing in the field, we aim to offer the best possible protection against Septoria. Revysol® product solutions will ensure healthy crops, even in situations of resistance. And that means farmers will maximize their yield and quality leading to higher profit.

Managing a farm is getting more and more complex

Farmers have to deal with many different situations managing a farm professionally. BASF strives to offer simple solutions to increase efficiency in farm operations. This saves time and resources and leads to higher productivity and profitability.

The versatility, broader application window and lower water volume application of Revysol® means it is the ideal solution to simplify decision-making, planning and on-farm operations.

Challenging weather conditions

Adverse weather conditions are frequent during T2 timing, with more than 75percent of days affected by cold, rain and/or UV radiation. These conditions put fungicide protection at risk. Farmers need to rely on product performance regardless of weather conditions. Thanks to the reliable, long-lasting performance of Revysol® in varying weather conditions, crops and investments are secured at application and beyond, and follow-up sprays can be avoided.