How Revysol® Contributes To Sustainability In Wheat Crops

Europe is the bread basket of the world. In the EU, 33 million people cannot afford a quality meal every second day. It is essential to take action to ensure that everyone has access to sufficient, nutritious, sustainable food that upholds high standards of safety, quality, plant and animal health and welfare. With Revysol®, farmers gain more flexibility to balance agricultural productivity and protection of natural resources.

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Source: BASF – based on 50% wheat area in EU 2019

What are the sustainable benefits of Revysol® in wheat crops?

Preservation of biodiversity due to 4% less land needed

Products based on Revysol® allow farmers to maximize wheat yields on their farmland, reducing the need to convert more natural habitat to farmland. With Revysol®, 500,000 hectares less land is needed to produce the same wheat yield*. Thus, on an individual basis, farmers can balance between maximizing yield on existing land with same amount of input or maintaining yield level and restoring farmland to natural habitat for biodiversity and carbon sequestration.

*Source: BASF – based on 50% wheat area in EU 2019

Conserving natural resources on farm operation level with 50% less water usage and 24% less fuel usage in spray application

Revysol® can save 1.2 million cubic metres of water and 6.7 million litres of fuel on farm level per year*. Because with Revysol®, you need 50% less water than conventional products, while achieving even higher wheat outputs. Applications with low water volumes allow farmers to drive faster, speed up applications and reduce the number of refillings, thereby reducing fuel consumption by 24%.

*Source: BASF – based on 50% wheat area in EU 2019

More sustainable solutions due to up to 47% higher reliability than conventional products

Revysol® enables farmers to achieve a reliable optimum efficacy in wheat under the most challenging conditions. Thanks to its up to 47% higher curative efficacy* and its long-lasting protection under critical weather conditions, Revysol® outperforms conventional products avoiding the need to repeat fungicide applications. This reduces the amount of chemicals in the field, enabling a more sustainable food production. 

*Source: ADAS 2017 (Trial site of Teagasc, IE)


At BASF we are committed to making agriculture more sustainable. In our movie, we show how Revysol® contributes to sustainability in wheat, allowing farmers to grow their crops more sustainably and manage farm complexity.

Revysol® – contributing to sustainability


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