Revysol® In Grapes

The quality of both wine and table grapes is equally important. Features such as sugar content, acids and flavor are of utmost importance to both farmers and consumers. Factors affecting the quality of grapes include climatic conditions, soil quality, as well as breeding and selection of varieties according to the growing conditions.

Everything that is invested and done in the vineyard influences the final product. We at BASF know that there can be no compromise on quality and that crop protection is a key factor.

BASF offers grape growers a range of highly effective fungicides in which Revysol® will play an integral role in the future. Revysol® is a new superior tool for disease management. It delivers a level of powdery mildew control that exceeds what has been observed with triazole market standards. Revysol® is an essential tool for resistance management in grapes.

In addition, Revysol® provides very good control of black rot. 

Revysol® performance against powdery mildew
Untreated control

Revysol® was designed to meet high regulatory requirements. This compound ensures excellent miscibility and provides good crop selectivity. Revysol® and its related product brands will be available to grape growers from 2020 growing season onwards depending on the region.