More Efficient Livestock Farming

With our high-quality feed additives, we help livestock farmers and the animal nutrition industry to utilize feeds more efficiently, to raise vital animals and to achieve top performance. 

Small chicken in a hand of a farmer

BASF offers one of the broadest ranges of feed additives in the market including organic acids, vitamins, enzymes, trace elements and carotenoids.

BASF is a leading, innovative supplier of feed additives for livestock and pet nutrition. Feed premixers, feed millers and integrators add our organic acids, vitamins, enzymes, trace elements and carotenoids to their animal feed products. Farmers benefit from increased productivity and reduced environmental impact.

Vitamins, enzymes as well as preservation and hygiene measures contribute to smart growth, because the right feed mix helps to produce more protein with less input of resources. At the same time appropriate handling measures with regard to feed preservation and also hygienic standards keep spoilage and the loss of resources to its minimum.

Livestock production in a responsible manner does not only increase respect and appreciation of the industry, it also builds the basis for long-term profitability and future success.

BASF has decades of experience in the feed sector – in development, production and application. We constantly develop and improve BASF’s product range and formulations to meet the needs of the animal feed industry.

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