How does your dinner grow?

A look at food and farming together with SORTEDfood

SORTEDfood is a global community of food lovers, helping each other cook and eat smarter every day. We teamed up with the guys behind Sorted to give their millions of young, digital foodies a behind-the-scenes look at where their food comes from. And, along the way, show them how science and technology are helping farmers produce food more sustainably. 


The Challenge

We challenged the Sorted team to dive into three topics: ancient ingredients and how they continue to change; seed breeding and food waste; edible oils and sustainable agriculture. We sent them out to meet the people producing wheat, tomatoes and olive oil – giving them the chance to ask their questions directly to the experts in the field. To celebrate each of the crops, the Sorted guys used them as key ingredients in their famous “Beat the Chef” cooking battles.

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The Idea

We believe that farming is the biggest job on earth. But many people, especially younger generations, are unaware of where their food comes from and how it is produced. We asked Sorted to look at farming from their own perspective and shine a light on the challenges farmers face to produce our food.

The collaboration with Sorted is an engaging way to start a balanced discussion about modern agriculture and how farmers have to find the right balance between protecting the land, meeting consumer demands and making a living. It looks at the ways farmers and the food industry are working together to ensure that productive and sustainable agriculture go hand-in-hand. 

Ancient Ingredients – Wheat

In this episode, Jamie and James explore wheat, one of the world’s most ancient ingredients. On their journey, they learn how wheat is grown, how it is made into flour and how wheat consumption has changed over time. Finally, they enter a fierce cooking battle to see who can create the best wheat-based dish: Jamie, the normal guy, or chef James. 

Watch the wheat film and learn more




Seed Breeding – Intense Tomatoes





Edible Oils – Olive Oil