Our Aspiration: Finding the right balance for success - for farmers, for agriculture and future generations

Agriculture, nature, life itself are all about balance. The balance that runs through the seasons, the soil, the weather, all living things, the crop cycle and the cycle of our lives. The balance that is crucial for all of us.

An ever-growing population. Climate change. Limited arable land. Managing change and resources. Reducing emissions. Preserving biodiversity. Meeting rising consumer expectations. Farmers have never faced greater challenges and complexity. But at the same time, thanks to fast moving improvements in science, technology, products and practices, there has also never been a time of greater opportunity. Balancing the need for increased productivity, environmental protection and value to society will be key to overcoming the food challenges of the future. 


That’s why our aspiration and the core of our strategy are all about balance. Because finding the right balance not only reflects the fundamental issues of our times, it is also key for long-term success.

Farmer cutting fruits
Life is like riding a bicycle – to keep your balance you have to keep moving forward”

Albert Einstein

In times when our world is gathering new momentum and is dominated by change, contrasts and extremes, we want to grasp that opportunity and find the  right balance for success – for farmers, for agriculture and for future generations.

A balancing act for all

Even in the most challenging of times, few things are more important than farming. We all depend on it for food, feed, fuel and fibre. That’s why we think it’s the biggest job on earth. And as the climate changes, the population and people’s expectations grow, it’s getting even bigger. With innovation, practical action and by working together, we’re convinced the world can find the right balance for success - for farmers, for agriculture and for future generations.

icons_aspiration_clickable.jpg Farmers are masters of finding the right balance. They have to find the right balance for success every day, every season - whether they are making decisions during the crop cycle, using technology or managing the demands and expectations of society.

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