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Advocacy Campaign Speaking to and for Farmers

There has never been a more challenging time in agriculture. But there has also never been a time of greater opportunity. We believe farming is the biggest job on Earth. Everything we do, we do for the love of farming.

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By the year


Farmers will have to produce more food than has been grown in the whole of human history.

Global warming could cause a


reduction in food production in many regions.

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When you think about what farmers have to face every day, even in difficult times. Always on call, whatever the time, whatever the weather. The pests, the weeds, the diseases. The demands of the crops, the shops. People’s rising expectations, tightening regulations. Feeding an ever-growing population. Looking after nature and the land. Thinking about what they’ll leave to their children and everyone else’s children. It’s no wonder we think that farming is the biggest job on Earth.

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Advocacy campaign – At the heart of BASF in ag relaunch since 2013

‘Farming, the biggest job on Earth’ is BASF’s advocacy campaign for farmers and farming relaunched in May 2021. The campaign was launched in 2013, prompted by our 2011 ‘Farm Perspectives’ study, which showed us there was a significant job to do to improve awareness and attitudes towards farmers and farming. Since then, in more and more markets, the campaign has taken a stand to support farmers driving positive reputation of BASF in Agriculture across the globe. It has helped grow greater understanding of farming, speaking to and for farmers about the vital and increasingly complex job they do. Farmers have never faced greater challenges and complexity. Thanks to fast-moving improvements in science, technology, products and practices, there have never been so many opportunities to change things for the better.

‘The biggest job on Earth’ campaign history from 2013 - 2022


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For the love of farming, the biggest job on Earth

Agriculture is so central to our lives that it has a powerful impact on us all. It’s also an industry undergoing a time of unprecedented change.

Farmers have an increasingly difficult, but also increasingly important role in global agri-food system. At the same time they need to increase productivity, protect environment and fulfill societal and consumer expectations. As farming challenges get bigger and more complex, it’s even more important to work together to help feed the planet. 

Better Yield

Better Yield - combining productivity and sustainability

At BASF, we’re empowering farmers with innovative solutions to optimize agricultural practices, resulting in a ‘Better Yield.’ By increasing crop quantity and quality, our sustainable approach enhances both profitability and environmental sustainability while reducing and verifying  your carbon footprint on-farm.

Better Yield: examples of climate-smart solutions

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