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Supported by many colleagues and partners, ‘The biggest job on Earth’ has been at the heart of BASF in agriculture for years. Here are my thoughts why farmers around the world deserve more visibility and appreciation.

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By the year


Farmers will have to produce more food than has been grown in the whole of human history.

Global warming could cause a


reduction in food production in many regions.

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Turning increasing complexity into more opportunities

Our agricultural and food system is undergoing rapid change. Farmers are at the center of this transformation, and now more than ever they must manage increasing complexity. They are expected feed the world, conserve natural resources, and become more resilient in the face of new uncertainties such as climate change and volatile world markets. But at the same time, never have we had more sophisticated innovation, more knowledge and more of a global sense of community with those who are passionate about putting food on plates.

As an Italian, food and agriculture are a very emotional topic for me. Italian culture has been built up on food. As a scientist and President of BASF Agricultural Solutions, I strive to bring innovative solutions to farmers around the world together with our team. In connecting with growers and stakeholders from the agri-food value chain, I am looking for new ways towards a more sustainable future of agriculture. It is crucial to take everyone’s expectation into account to help farmers do the biggest job on Earth better.

We passionately believe that farming is the biggest job on Earth, and we are deeply committed to continuous learning on how our innovation and how our business can contribute to a brighter future for agriculture. 

Livio Tedeschi

President Agricultural Solutions

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Livio Tedeschi @ BJOE Dinner Event in UK, April 2023

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Livio during ‘The biggest job on Earth’ Dinner Event in England, 2023

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