The biggest job on earth is getting bigger

There has never been a more challenging time in agriculture. But there has also never been a time of greater opportunity. We believe farming is the biggest job on earth. As it gets more complex and more important, we are committed to finding the right balance, so that farmers, our industry and future generations can all flourish.

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When you think about what farmers have to face every day, even in difficult times. Always on call, whatever the time, whatever the weather. The pests, the weeds, the diseases. The demands of the crops, the shops. People’s rising expectations, tightening regulations. Feeding an ever-growing population. Looking after nature and the land. Thinking about what they’ll leave to their children and everyone else’s children. It’s no wonder we think that farming is the biggest job on earth.

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By the year


Farmers will have to produce more food than has been grown in the whole of human history.

Global warming could cause a


reduction in food production in many regions.

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#BiggestJobOnEarth roadshow takes us now to South America: Argentina! With the local deployment "Connected through the land", our campaign celebrates farmers and farming and provides visibility to the challenges they face while stating the role of farmers in society.


Campaign video - Connected through land, Argentina

Argentina is a country with an extensive territory and producers are distributed throughout it. Many farms are located near small towns or villages. The #BiggestJobOnEarth roadshow bus offers a place for exchange of information about products and solutions as well as building up connections. 

With the campaign “Connected through land” we would like to highlight the importance and create the awareness of sustainable agriculture and how farmers in Argentina are committed to the global food supply. Together with the Food Bank of Tandil (Buenos Aires) families in need obtained food donated. A great achievement!  

The next stop of our #BiggestJobOnEarth roadshow is Germany! In their campaign our colleagues spotlighted farmers in a new theme each month. 

They demonstrated that farmers have passion for what they do - and that it is more than just a profession: Farmers are nutritional experts, soil protectors, logisticians, business economists, crisis managers, and much more. This is only possible with balance in several respects: in the many tasks on the farm as well as in the balance with society and nature. Farmers take on this great challenge with professional know-how to bring higher productivity, environmental protection and social benefit into harmony. 

Explore our slide show and learn more about what drives them!


Biodiversität / Biodiversity

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Creating valuable habitats

One example for the major challenges farmers face, is how to secure biodiversity in large-scale farming. The agricultural cooperative Trebbin, 20 kilometers south of Berlin, demonstrates how this works! 

As part of #TheBiggestJobOnEarth campaign in Germany, Jana and Thomas Gäbert gave insights in the remarkable concept implemented on their approximately 4,000 hectares of farmland. They show that cultural landscape and biodiversity are compatible and that some species are even only present where land is used for agriculture.

Biodiversity is completely integrated in their structures and processes, from individual measures to networked habitats for wildlife and plants. For the two farmers, biodiversity in the cultivated landscape is not a duty, but a task they fulfill with passion and competence.

Proud of the biggest job on earth

Fulfilling many roles at once I not easy – and famers take up this great challenge with professional know-how. That’s why our German team started a contest as part of their #BiggestJobOnEarth campaign, which calls on farmers across the country to show what makes them proud. Explore some of the winners here.


As one of their campaign highlights, our Polish colleagues conducted the photo competition "365 T- shirts for 365 days of work of farmers" asking farmers to send a picture wearing their campaign T-shirt. Great results, aren't they? Click for more pics!

Together with AgriNet 24, our Polish team conducted a survey with 324 polish farmers in June 2021. The aim of the study was to check how farmers perceive their work, role and social position in relation to other social and professional groups in the country. In addition, the study allowed to learn about the attitudes and opinions of farmers in the field of their profession and in relation to their farm and agricultural perspective. Click through the graphics for exciting insights into the thoughts of the Polish farmers!

Farming in the eyes of kids. Here the awareness starts! Look at these great pictures of the #BiggestJobOnEarth drawn by the little ones of our Polish team colleagues. Food and agriculture is the basis for humankind – only together we can find the right balance for success for future generations!

Right balance for success

Agriculture is so central to our lives that it has a powerful impact on us all. It’s also an industry undergoing a time of unprecedented change. Farmers have an increasingly difficult, but also increasingly important role to balance the need for increased productivity, environmental protection and value to society. As farming challenges get bigger and more complex, it’s even more important to work together find the right balance for success – for farmers, for agriculture and for future generations. 


BigJOE – At the heart of BASF in ag since 2013

Inspired by our Farm Perspectives study which told us there was a big job to do on awareness and attitudes towards farmers and farming, the Biggest Job On Earth campaign was launched in 2013. Conceived primarily as an advocacy campaign to speak out for farmers, it was soon obvious that the campaign, known in inner BASF circles as BigJOE, also connected with farmers and the agricultural community, recognizing their achievements and contribution to society and expressing our support. Since then, the campaign has been running on all continents speaking up for the heroes who are involved in feeding our world. Here are just a few of the many highlights over the years. 


We can all help to find the right balance

As a society, we can take time to consider where our food comes from, to respect and value the work of farmers around the world. As a business, BASF is helping farmers to manage the many different demands they face with innovative science and technology and sustainable, practical action. Working together to help find the right balance for success for farming, for agriculture and for future generations.

Why you shouldn’t take your food flat rate for granted

Living in South Africa as a kid certainly shaped me to become the person I am today. A person that is grateful for this precious life on our planet Earth. Imagine a fridge filled with fresh groceries such as vegetables, fruits, milk, eggs, meat. Imagine the same groceries thrown into the trash. One by one. Hard to accept such imagination, isn’t it?

Simone Barg

Senior Vice President Agricultural Solutions Asia Pacific

Simone Barg, Vice President Communications Agricultural Solutions

Turning increasing complexity into more opportunities

Dirk Voeste holding the strategy ball
For farmers it isn’t just about feeding today’s population but about better living, better health, better education, better perspectives. How can yield be increased in a way that is seen as kind to the planet, whilst helping farmers earn a living? Thanks innovative technologies, climate-smart and eco-friendly solutions the increasing complexity provides also a lot opportunities for sustainable faming. 

Dr. Dirk Voeste

Senior Vice President Regulatory, Sustainability & Public Affairs Agricultural Solutions

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Right Balance For Success

As farming challenges get bigger and more complex, it’s even more important to find the right balance for success – for farmers, for agriculture and for future generations.  Watch our film.