Dr. Sebastian Rohrer, Crop Protection Research Manager, BASF

Turning science fiction into science reality - that's the dream of many scientists when conducting research. And 37-year-old BASF manager Sebastian Rohrer definitely considers himself one of them. In his department, Early Fungicide Biology, a global research unit in BASF’s Crop Protection division, he is responsible for testing and evaluating new approaches and ideas for crop protection products that could be used in agriculture a decade from now – which is how long it takes for a new product to make it to the marketplace. Working together with Maria, Raphael and David from V3PO to explore the type of products that will be needed for space farming in the future is something he finds very exciting. As scientific advisor to the project, he is assisting the young researchers with their biology experiment on the International Space Station. He considers the students' idea groundbreaking since to date no studies have been carried out on whether plants can reproduce vegetatively in zero gravity. If it works, astronauts would be able to supply and maintain their own food needs through space farming. Many of Sebastian Rohrer's colleagues are envious of his opportunity to work with the students, since every researcher wants to be part of turning science fiction into science reality.