David Geray, V3PO young scientist

David has a lot of hobbies: he likes working on the family farm, he plays table-tennis and trombone with a local music group, and he carries out experiments in zero gravity. His passions all come together in the V3PO research project: the 20-year-old particularly likes the creativity of science and the opportunity to discover new things - as well as the teamwork and perseverance. Agriculture, on the other hand, is where he says he feels most at home. That's what made it all the more interesting to be part of a project that would take farming into space. The variety of insights he has gained through his involvement in this project, in terms of the research itself, in the search for sponsors and the extraordinary nature of the experiment, are, for him, what make the project so special. The fact that things don't always go as planned in research was something he also experienced, when the initial attempt at crowdfunding failed. The funds were eventually obtained, which along with the internship at BASF, turned out to be one of the highlights of the entire experience. But the real highlight is still to come in February when the plant cuttings will be on board a rocket travelling to the International Space Station. Only then will we know whether V3PO will be a success. For David, there's only one word to describe the whole project: "spacey".