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    Agriculture is constantly facing new challenges: rising production costs, higher standards of environmental protection, and the need to feed a growing world population. To meet these demands, production processes must become increasingly effective and provide additional benefits wherever possible. This is the reason why we developed AgCelence®.


    Abate larvicide controls malaria and other vector-borne diseases by controlling pests before they reach maturity, preventing them from breeding and spreading disease through new generations of insects.


    Adexar® is a highly effective fungicide based on the innovative active ingredient Xemium®. The product provides excellent disease control in numerous crops and contributes decisively to securing yield and quality.


    Basagran® is a contact herbicide for the control of dicotyledonous weeds in arable farming and vegetable cultivation.


    Broadband® is an oil dispersion of Beauveria bassiana, a fungal contact insecticide for the population reduction of target pests on various crops.


    Butisan® is an established herbicide used to control weeds and grass weeds in various vegetable crops, oilseed rape and ornamental plants.


    Clearfield® provides growers value and benefits to control weeds. Controlling weeds is an important task during the crop growing period. Clearfield® gives growers the flexibility to protect their plants only when needed.


    Fendona® is a fast-acting pyrethroid insecticide that quickly and effectively eliminates disease-causing insects. With its active ingredient alpha-cypermethrin, Fendona® is one of the most effective indoor residual sprays for protecting public health in regions where malaria and other vector-borne diseases are present.

    Flo Rite®

    Flo Rite® is the leading technology to optimize seed flow and active ingredient retention during seed treatment and the planting process. Flo Rite® is defining the new utility for seed coating by moving beyond that of a functional seed treatment component to delivering agronomic value for the seed conditioner and grower.


    Forum® fungicide provides systemic security in combating downy mildew in hops and vegetables.