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    Agriculture Styropor® Plastic Hives

    Plastic Hives: Housing for Bees Made of Styropor®

    Styropor® is used not only for people’s homes, but also for animal housings. The foam is applied in bee hives.

    The special properties of Styropor® are ideal for plastic hives: The climate within the beehive is kept constant because of the insulating capability, and in addition, the plastic hives are easier to clean than wooden ones.

    They are foamed extremely hard to be able to withstand even toughest conditions. In the workplace or on hikes, the low net weight is particularly noticeable.

    Styropor® is an eco-efficient solution for this application, as well: The low-cost material contains up to 98 percent air when foamed, and thus saves resources in a special way.

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