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    Turf & Ornamentals Ornamental Plants

    Ornamental plants

      In the ornamental market, where decorative plants, cut flowers and bulbs are grown as commercial crops, pests can reduce profits quickly and dramatically. BASF offers a wide range of innovative solutions for weed, disease and insect control in the greenhouse and nursery, as well as for general landscaping.

      For professional growers this means a powerful portfolio of leading herbicide, fungicide, and insecticide technologies together with biological controls and nutrients to manage pests more effectively and produce healthy plants that not only look better, but sell better too.

      Fungicides, herbicides and insecticides

      Small Trees

      High-performance products ensure healthy greenhouse and nursery plants, keeping them free from disease, pests and weeds, including innovative compounds to promote plant health and stress resilience.


      Biological insecticides


      Used as stand-alone applications or as part of an integrated pest management program, high quality beneficial nematodes and fungi control thrips, white fly, vine weevil, flies, caterpillars and other key insect and borer pests.

      Biological fungicides

      Flower field

      Complementary biological technologies support growers with broad-spectrum, antifungal protection against soil-borne pathogens for more flexibility throughout the growing season.

      Greenhouse nutrients

      Greenhouse plants

      Ensuring plant quality and health in challenging conditions, our iron chelate products help to increase root growth and enhance water and nutrient uptake by maintaining and protecting the iron availability in the soil.

      Specialty greenhouse products


      Disinfectants, algicides, shade coatings and monitoring cards help eliminate unwanted plant pathogens and algae on hard surfaces, diffuse heat and light and track pest pressure.