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    Agriculture Markus Heldt

    Markus Heldt

      President, Crop Protection Division, BASF SE

      Markus Heldt

      Markus Heldt was born in Stromberg, Germany, in 1958. He completed his A-level in 1977.

      Markus Heldt on farming:

      "I believe farmers and other farming professionals have been forced to change more radically and more rapidly than any other business group. That rapid change came about due to relentless pressure on their incomes. Farmers care passionately about nature and are attached to the land. They may have conservative values, but they are entrepreneurs. When they see a financial return or a benefit for the environment, they will quickly learn and adopt new technology." Markus should know. After growing up on a small farm in Germany, he has helped shape the crop protection industry on three continents for more than thirty years.

      Professional career

      President, Crop Protection Division, BASF SE, Limburgerhof, Germany

      Group Vice President Crop Protection North America, BASF Corporation, Research Triangle Park, NC

      Group Vice President of the Agricultural Products and Fine Chemicals divisions Latin America, BASF S.A., São Paulo, Brazil  

      Joined BASF AG after acquisition of American Cyanamid as Business Director for Central Europe, Limburgerhof, Germany

      Managing Director Germany and Central Europe, Cyanamid Agrar, Vienna, Austria  

      Global Product Manager Fungicide + Sales Manager, Shell International, London, England + Shell Agrar, Germany  

      Sales and marketing responsibilities, Celamerck and Shell, Ingelheim, Germany

      Commercial Apprenticeship, Boehringer Ingelheim, Germany

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