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    Agriculture Eduardo Leduc

    Eduardo Leduc

      Senior Vice President for Latin America Crop Protection Division, BASF S.A.

      Eduardo Leduc

      Eduardo Leduc was born in São Paulo, Brazil. He studied Agronomic Engineering at the University Lavras (UFLA) and holds a postgraduate degree in Marketing from FAAP - Fundação Armando Álvares Penteado (SP). After working at BASF Crop Protection Division in different positions and countries for 25 years, he became Senior Vice President at the Crop Protection Division in Latin America.

      Eduardo Leduc on innovation:

      "Innovation is fundamental to what we do – it is our core business. Latin America is one of the most important regions in the world for agriculture. BASF and growers face huge challenges – we keep moving forward, driving business, searching for solutions that allow farmers to work sustainably, to remain profitable and connected to the land. We combine creativity with an extensive knowledge of agriculture. That means that we lead the race when it comes to embracing innovation. BASF plays a major role in shaping the future trends in agriculture.

      When we talk about Innovation, it is not just about products. Innovation also comes in the form of services and programs for better farming, like Digilab, Yield Max and socio-ecoefficiency evaluations. Top Ciencia is another example of how we proactively work together with growers, researchers and other professionals to stimulate and promote innovation for higher yields and development of scientific research.

      What drives BASF is our commitment to help farmers. As a society, we need to support farmers in their quest to meet an increasing demand with an abundant supply of affordable high quality food. We work hard to constantly connect the challenges farmers have in their fields to the solutions we can bring from our labs and expertise. This is our core competency.

      We operate in a competitive and dynamic environment. To meet these challenges, we foster top talents and reward high performance. We have a highly committed team in place right across the region."

      Professional career

      Senior Vice President, Crop Protection Latin America, BASF S.A., and Fundação Espaço ECO, São Paulo, Brazil  

      Vice-president of the Administrative Council for ANDEF– Associação Nacional de Defesa Vegetal

      Member of the Administrative Board for SINDAG – Sindicato Nacional da Indústria de Produtos para Defesa Agrícola

      Member of the Trustee Council of Fundação Espaço ECO, the first eco-efficiency center in Latin America

      General Manager, Crop Protection Unit for Brazil, BASF S.A., São Paulo, Brazil

      Strategic Marketing Director for Latin America, BASF S.A., São Paulo, Brazil

      Strategic Marketing Director, BASF Corporation, USA

      Marketing Manager, BASF S.A., São Paulo, Brazil

      Marketing Manager, BASF AG, Germany

      Market Development Technician, BASF S.A., Brazil

      Joined BASF S.A. as a Technical Sales Representative in Rio Grande do Sul, Brazil

      Other activities and memberships

      In his free time, Eduardo Leduc is the vocalist in a Rockberry Band of business executives, performing periodically in the bars of São Paulo.

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