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    Fendona® 6 SC

    Fendona® 6 SC is a contact insecticide effective for control of: fleas, ticks, ants, bed bugs, cockroaches, flies, mosquitoes, moths and the Indian mealmoth (Plodia interpuctella, storage pest). The advanced formulation in the form of microparticles causes sticking of the product to the antennae and legs of insects after the first contact with the product.

    Summary of the benefits
    Advantages from using the insecticide
    Fendona® 6 SC:
    Effective at low concentrations on all surfaces
    Long-term effect, plus 12 weeks of residual action
    Low toxicity to humans and warm-blooded mammals
    Odorless (water-based product)
    It does not stain and does not cause corrosion
    Easy dosing and easy to prepare

    Fendona® 6 SC is soluble in fat, thus enabling better adoption of the product. "Knock-down" effect is achieved after 30 minutes, whereas the insect dies in no more than 24 hours.
    Fendona® 6 SC is formulated in the form of concentrated suspension (SC), which provides uniform coverage of the treated surfaces and good adhesion, even of very porous surfaces. This way a residual activity of the product is secured up to 3 months.

    Fendona® 6 SC can be used to control insects in the:

    households, public health premises, industrial and public buildings. It can be applied to suppress the adult forms (adults) of mosquitoes in the immediate surroundings of the buildings.

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