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    Continuous protection for stored tobacco

    Every year, insect pests destroy an estimated US $400 million of stored tobacco. The Carifend® System is based on insecticidal net technology specifically designed to protect warehouse-stored tobacco from cigarette beetles and tobacco moths.

    Carifend® is the only insect control system that provides continuous, preventative protection for tobacco and is the first application of insecticidal net technology for stored goods.

    Carifend® significantly reduces the need for fumigation and provides enhanced stewardship over conventional control treatments for employees, facilities, and the environment. It has been proven to be up to 100 % effective in real-life industry trials around the world. It reduces downtime, boosts productivity, and preserves the quality, quantity, and value of the stored tobacco.

    Carifend® protection nets in a warehouse

    Unique concept

    Carifend® is a pioneering application of insecticidal net technology designed to protect warehouse-stored tobacco.

    Continuous protection

    Carifend® provides continuous control 24 hours a day, 7 days a week, 365 days a year.

    Warehouse with Carifend® protection nets

    Continuous operations

    Carifend® is simple to use and enables continuous, undisrupted operations.

    Proven effectiveness

    Carifend® is proven to be up to 100 % effective against tobacco beetles and tobacco moths.

    Two workers controlling the Carifend® protection nets

    Sustainable value

    Carifend® reduces fumigation and associated downtime, boosting productivity and ensuring product availability.

    Complete service

    BASF provides an individual turn-key service for Carifend® including design, installation and system monitoring.